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Guaranteed savings . .

In today’s difficult economic climate, the private & public sectors are under severe pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiencies wherever possible. One area where massive cost savings and increased efficiencies can be achieved is in print procurement.
Print overspend in the UK is estimated to be around 25% across all market sectors.
Would you like to reduce your print spend by 25%?
Start now - contact Integral Print Services. We can provide the expertise, the efficiency, the savings . . . we’re here to help (Free, no obligation print audit)!


You need Integral . . .

The 3 main Integral advantages

  • Focus on core competencies: Our solutions enable clients to divert their attention from supplementary tasks and focus on their core functions.
  • Guaranteed cost savings: Our solutions result in organisations reducing their costs on procurement, resource management, labour, space and damage limitation.
  • Quality: Integral have expert employees along with specialized processes and technologies that ensure timely, better quality of output for the client.