About Us

Over 30 years in print . . .

  • Wealth of print knowledge and experience.
  • In-house studio and design facility.
  • Expertise in all printing processes from simple business forms through to multi coloured, highly complex, individual mailings.
  • Access to bulk print and publishing economies.
  • Advising best printing solutions based on product usage.

Our experience at your disposal . . .

Integral have many years experience of printing and print management, with a dedicated team of people whose sole aim is to reduce your organisations print cost and streamline the processes involved. By maximising these efficiencies major cost reductions can be realised. We have large, group-printing capacity enabling us to respond rapidly to your print needs as well as large storage capacity enabling customers to schedule supplies as and when they are needed. Technology plays a major part in our operation with significant investment being made allowing accurate job tracking and ultimately full integration with customers’ own systems. We work with a range of customers, from multi nationals to sole traders supplying everything from complex large run direct mail pieces to a single run of business cards. We really are that flexible.