Cornish Gold

Major UK tourist attraction outsources its diverse print requirement

This well-known UK tourist attraction has a diverse print need, including business stationery, leaflets, point of sale material, invitations and brochures. Cost effective purchasing and project management of such a broad range of printed items requires significant knowledge, experience and of course time!
Our expertise and in-house purchasing and job tracking systems
enable us to effectively manage the entire print process from purchasing through to on-time delivery on our client’s behalf. This has freed up their marketing team to focus much more of their time on developing their brand and business.
What’s more, we’ve delivered significant cost savings and improved the quality of their printed items. How have we done that? Well, we’ve developed a unique
purchasing system that determines the most efficient manufacturing process for every print item, and which of our scores of approved suppliers can fulfill. This means that we can secure highly competitive costs on every element of a campaign. “Correct” production means that quality is assured.

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